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It's been a while. Let's talk about gender in pain.

I've recently published an article with Things We Don't Know (TWDK), where I discuss, in conversation with Professor Ed Keogh, Gender and Pain. This topic is one of interest to me, and the more I learn, the more questions I realise remain unanswered in the field. I've copied an excerpt of my article below, but you can find the full version on the TWDK website. I encourage you to have a look through their other articles. With topics ranging from physics to cheese, TWDK addresses the big questions that remain unanswered.

Happy Reading!

Gender and Pain

Danielle Perro

Have you ever considered how your identity could influence how you feel pain? How your pain is perceived by others? Or how much of your pain experience is understood by the scientific and clinical communities? Is it safe to assume that most of you haven’t? Amongst many other contributing factors, our sex and gender may have a profound impact on pain and our pain experience. While we may have a better understanding of sex differences in pain perception, how gender ties into this is not fully understood. However, researchers are now beginning to understand that gender does impact our pain experience, and may play a significant role in how pain is differentially assessed and treated between men and women. This phenomenon has been deemed the ‘gender pain gap’: a gap in our understanding of women’s health issues which has lead to the inappropriate pharmaceutical treatment of men and women, and not taking women's health seriously.

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Image from TSER, The Gender Unicorn.

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